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11-19 partnership membership, structure and strategy

It is the Partnership vision that all partners shall contribute their time and expertise to improving the quality of experience and outcomes for all 11 - 19 year olds in Darlington.

This may be through improvements in standards, collaboration, developments in inclusion or increases in opportunities.

Whilst the contribution of each provider may be unique in reflecting its own mission and values, all partners shall work together with a collegiate ethos for the benefit of Darlington's young people.

The 11-19 Partnership has a range of active sub-groups in which partner organisations are widely represented. The sub-group structure facilitates the operational work of Partnership.

Darlington 11-19 Partnership Strategy [pdf document].

The 11-19 Partnership sits under the Education Strategy Group. The Terms of Reference of the Education Strategy Group can be found below.

Darlington Education Strategy Group terms of reference [pdf document].

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