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Choosing the Right Course

We offer a range of courses across a variety of the following levels: 

Pre Entry Level

This course is designed for those with no or very little basic skills and knowledge.
The small class settings and additional support prepares the individuals to continue to Entry Level 1. 

Entry Level (Beginners and Introductory courses)

Courses designed for those who wish to gain basic knowledge and skills.
Qualifications are offered at Entry 1, Entry 2 and Entry 3 in a range of subject areas including English and Maths.

Level 1 (Intermediate courses)

Courses designed for those who may have studied or gained a qualification some time ago.
These courses provide a foundation to continue to advanced courses. Equivalent to NVQ Level 1 and GCSE grades 1 - 3 [old system grades D – G].

Level 2 (Intermediate courses)

Courses for those reasonably confident in their skills and knowledge and want to learn, apply and interpret information about the subject or skill.
Equivalent to NVQ Level 2 and GCSE grades 4 - 9 [old system grades A* – C].

Level 3 (Advanced courses)

Courses for those who want to explore a subject in detail, with some independent research and reflection of the subject.
Equivalent to NVQ Level 3 and AS/A2 Level.

Levels 4 and 5 (Higher Education courses)

Courses for learners who want an in-depth knowledge of current issues and how they apply to the wider environment.
Equivalent to Professional Certificates and Awards, Certificate of Higher Education and Foundation Degree.

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