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Induction for early career teachers

Changes to new teacher inductions

What's changing?

From September 2021 the statutory new teacher induction will change. This is part of the early career framework (ECF) [external link] reforms.

  • the induction period has increased from 1 to 2 years
  • Early career teacher (ECT) replaces the term newly qualified teacher (NQT)

What is the early career framework (ECF)?

It is a framework of standards to help early career teachers succeed at the start of their careers.

It sets out what all early career teachers should learn about in the first 2 years of their careers.

To be a qualified teacher in England, you must, by law, have completed a period of induction.

Appropriate bodies

The induction process has to be quality assured by an 'appropriate body'. Darlington Local Authority offers this role.

As an appropriate body, we have statutory functions that we have to fulfil.

We ensure Headteachers and Governing Bodies are carrying out their duties.

We make sure the ECT’s development is being monitored and that it follows the Early Career Framework.

As an appropriate body we hold information about ECTs.

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We have split our induction information into 2 sections.

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