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Induction for early career teachers

Induction for early career teachers

An ECT is an 'Early Career Teacher' who has just obtained QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). This phase involves undertaking a 2 year induction programme underpinned by the early career framework.[external link]

Appropriate bodies

The induction process has to be quality assured by an 'appropriate body'. Darlington Local Authority offers this role.

As an appropriate body, we have statutory functions that we have to fulfil.

We ensure Headteachers and Governing Bodies are carrying out their duties.

We make sure the ECT’s development is being monitored and that it follows the Early Career Framework.

As an appropriate body we hold information about ECTs.

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Changes to the role of the Appropriate Body

From September 2024, teaching school hubs will become the main provider of appropriate body services.

Local authorities will withdraw from their appropriate body role in 2 stages:

  • from September 2023, they will not register any new early career teachers
  • from September 2024, they will stop operating as appropriate bodies

Schools who access appropriate body services through a local authority will need to make sure that from September 2023 they register all new early career teachers with a teaching school hub appropriate body.  Schools are encouraged to choose their local teaching school hub for appropriate body services unless they have specific reasons to go elsewhere. See the list of Appropriate Bodies.

We will continue to act as the Appropriate Body for the ECTs who are already registered with us.

This means that full-time ECTs who were registered with us from 1st September 2022, can remain with us and complete their 2-year induction by 31st August 2024.  During this time, we will continue to provide the appropriate body role to these ECTs and schools.

Schools with ECTs who have not completed their induction by 31st August 2024, must transfer from us and appoint a Teaching School Hub as the Appropriate Body for the remainder of the ECT’s induction. 

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Information for the ECT

Information for the ECT

Information for the induction tutor

Information for the induction tutor

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