Estates and property

The Estates and Property Section is predominantly an internal service that manages the Council’s property portfolio and deals with the sale and acquisition of land and premises and is primarily based at the Town Hall, Darlington.

Its main purpose is to develop the provision of strategic advice to the council on the management and use of the Council's assets, as well as to provide a professional valuation and management service.

It takes a pro-active approach and seeks to identify opportunities for maximising the potential of assets and, where surplus to requirements, maximising their value to the Council.

List of services

The services provided by estates and property are:

  • general estates and property management
  • valuation advice
  • strategic asset management advice
  • Council house valuations
  • commercial lettings, lease renewals, rent reviews
  • disposal and acquisition of land and property
  • compulsory purchase and compensation advice
  • property maintenance
  • land ownership and open space queries
  • agricultural land management

Useful documents

The Asset Management plan [pdf document, 3.56mb] is a strategic view of the use and performance of Darlington Borough Council's land and property assets.

The Capital Strategy 2022 [pdf document] is designed to ensure that all of our capital assets and resources are utilised as effectively as possible to address the priorities for Darlington.

The Surplus Premises guide [pdf document] outlines the procedure for declaring premises surplus to operational requirement and the surplus asset disposal process.

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