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Development management

High hedges

New laws are being introduced affecting disputes between neighbours about high hedges.

If a neighbour's hedge is considered to be too high that it causes a problem such as blocking out light, you may submit an official complaint to the local authority.

Telecommunications equipment and masts

Development of mobile phones and related communications networks has expanded rapidly in recent years. Successive Governments have taken the view that modern telecommunications are essential and beneficial to modern life and play a significant part in continued economic well being of the country.

Recent expansion of the network has resulted in an increase at the rate of which new equipment, particularly mobile phone masts, are provided and the development of the system has and will continue to have an impact on the appearance of the environment both in town and the countryside.

Planning guidance on telecommunications [external link]

Charter for Development Management

A Charter for Development Management has been produced by Darlington Borough Council in the light of a guide prepared by the National Planning Forum in consultation with Central Government.

It also builds on the principles set out in the Local Government Association Planning, Enforcement and The Planning Users Concordats, which the Council endorse.

The purpose of the Charter is to explain how planning applications are dealt with and the standards of service that the Council wishes to achieve.

The Development Management Charter is also closely linked to the aims and objectives which are set out in the Council's Best Value Performance Plan, and should help to ensure that the Development Management service is delivered in a way which meets local needs and priorities, according to standards which everyone can understand.

A charter for development management [pdf document]

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