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Planning Enforcement

If a development takes place without planning permission it could be in breach of planning control.

For example:

  • carrying out unauthorised building works to a property
  • changing the use of a property without planning permission
  • carrying out works to a listed building without listed building consent
  • displaying advertisement signs without advertisement consent
  • felling or pruning trees that are the subject of a tree preservation order without consent
  • felling or pruning trees within a conservation area without consent

Works carried out on a development must conform to the agreed plans or conditions.

A development with permission can still breach planning control.

Taking action

When breaches occur we will consider if action is justified.

We will take action if necessary.

We may sometimes decide to take no action, for example when:

  • the breaches of planning control are not material
  • if it is not expedient to act

The type of action taken will vary. It will depend on the seriousness of the effects of the breach.

We have a wide range of powers available under the Town and Country Planning Act.

We treat each case on its merits and a solution will be sought by negotiation.

Failure to comply can lead to prosecution and a fine.

Reporting breaches

Report planning breaches to our Enforcement officers.


Report a beach online

When reporting a breach please supply your contact details.

We may need to contact you to clarify something or to supply further information.

We will keep you informed of developments and let you know the outcome of the investigation.

Your identity is confidential.

Please also supply the following information wherever possible:

  • the address or location of the place where the breach is taking place
  • a description of the breach
  • the name and address of the person or organisation responsible

If appropriate please include any relevant dates and times of incidents.

You may supply evidence such as photographs.

We investigate all reports.

The identities of persons making allegations are never revealed to the parties under investigation.

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