Who is a Carer?

A carer can be any age and could include someone under 18 (often known as a young carer), or someone who is the parent of a disabled child or young person.

Many people are carers, but find it difficult to see themselves in this role, and do not always wish to be identified as a carer, as for them the caring relationship is simply part of normal everyday life as a son, daughter, husband, wife, parent for example.

As a result, they often don’t realise that there is support available for them as well as the person they care for.

The care they provide may include:

  • helping to make meals, or doing housework or shopping
  • helping someone to wash and dress, or to eat 
  • making sure that medication is taken or collected on time
  • keeping an eye on someone to keep them safe
  • providing emotional support
  • reminding them to do things they can no longer remember to do 

Darlington Borough Council is committed to supporting carers and carers should always be involved in the assessment of the person they care for and should also be offered an assessment of their own needs as a carer.

If you would like a carer’s assessmentyou can complete this online [external link]

More information about the support available for carers can be found can be found in the following leaflets

or you could contact:

Darlington Carers Support
Carers Support website [external link]
Unit 1F, Enterprise House
Valley Street North
Telephone: 0300 0301215

Darlington Carers Support provides information, support and advice to carers. Through them you can make contact with other carers and receive information about other sources of help.