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Crown Street art gallery

For more examples of art displayed at Crown Street please visit our flickr gallery [external link].

Crown Street Library
Crown Street,

Telephone: 01325 462034
Email: [email protected]

Opening times

  • Monday and Tuesday - 9am-6pm
  • Wednesday and Friday 9am-5pm
  • Thursday 10am-6pm
  • Saturday 9am-4pm


Submission criteria

Priority will be given to local artists and groups that demonstrate exciting and innovative artwork and that meet the criteria of any specified exhibition periods.

Regional artists will be selected on the strength of their work, their ability to extend the breadth of work exhibited in Darlington, their potential to raise the profile of the existing Darlington visual arts scene and where appropriate to support Crown Street Library’s programme.

How to submit an exhibition proposal

Artists and community groups wishing to exhibit at Crown Street Gallery should send an exhibition proposal including the following:

  • A short outline of what media the artwork is (for example: photography, print, drawing) At this point we are unable to accept non-wall mounted work for the gallery.
  • Some quality JPEG images or photographs of the artwork.
  • A clear exhibition statement including the exhibition title and the themes, inspiration and techniques used in the exhibition.

If the exhibition is short-listed a meeting will be arranged to discuss the possibility of an exhibition.

The artist(s)/ community group will then be contacted by letter to inform them of whether the application has been accepted. If the artwork is not accepted then all CDs and supporting information will only be returned with the letter if a paid postage, addressed envelope is included with the exhibition application.


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