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Schools forum

The schools forum is a formal advisory and decision making body for the allocation of funding for schools in Darlington. The main roles are:

  • To be consulted upon changes to the funding formula proposed by Darlington Borough Council
  • To decide upon the allocation of funding for centrally held budgets
  • To give a view upon a number of areas including: 
    • contracts for the provision of services to schools
    • the minimum funding guarantee
    • financial arrangements for special educational needs
    • financial arrangements for education out of school
    • financial arrangements for early years

Future meetings

Date Time Venue
Tuesday 10 October 2023 2pm via TEAMS
Tuesday 16 January 2024 2pm Town Hall, Darlington
Tuesday 12 March 2024 2pm via TEAMS
Tuesday 14 May 2024 2pm Town Hall, Darlington

Next meeting

The Darlington schools forum is currently holding meetings virtually and in person.

Non schools forum members are still welcome to attend the meeting as non participating observers.

Should you wish to attend a meeting, please contact Emma Clennell for joining instructions.

Most recent meeting

08 March 2023

Previous meetings


Nursery schools

Helen Dummett – Federation of Darlington Nursery Schools

Primary schools

  • Shirley Welsh - Whinfield Primary School
    • Substitute
    • Michelle Charlton - Whinfield Primary School

Pupil referral unit

  • Sally Hudson - Rise Carr College
    • Substitute
    • Kerry Loftus - Rise Carr College

Academy primary schools

  • Paula Ayto (Vice Chair) - Reid Street Primary School
  • Peter King – Federation of Mowden Schools
  • Kelly-Ann Lyle – The Rydal Academy
  • Jo Blackham - Mt Pleasant Primary
  • Peter Norman - St Bede’s RC Primary
  • Marco Ramsay -  St John Academy
    • Substitutes
    • Libby Truby - The Rydal Academy
    • John Armitage - The Rydal Academy
    • Sam Hirst - West Park Academy
    • Gerry Mackowski - St Bede’s RC Primary
    • Kath Hull - Mount Pleasant Primary

Academy secondary schools

  • Dean Judson (Chair) - Hurworth School
  • Mike Shorten - Carmel College
  • Dean Lythgoe - St Aidan’s Academy
  • Kate Reid – Polam Hall School
  • Mike Fryer - Hummersknott Academy
    • Substitutes
    • Glen Hart - Hurworth School
    • Maura Regan - Carmel College
    • Jo Keane - St Aidan’s Academy
    • Julie Mogridge - Polam Hall
    • Cllr Alan McNab - Hummersknott Academy

Academy special schools

  • Mike Butler - The Education Village
    • Substitute
    • Marie Roe - The Education Village

Diocesan representatives

  • Trish Abbott – Carmel RC College, Bishop Hogarth Catholic Education Trust
  • Judith Skirving - Bishopton Redmarshall CofE
    • Substitutes
    • David Leane – Carmel College
    • Catherine Pollard – St Georges Church of England Academy

16-19 education

Paul Richardson - Head of 16-19

PVI early years providers

  • Dionne Evers – Darlington College Childcare Centre
  • Ella Long - Play Hut
    • Substitute
    • Ian Maile - Flora House
    • Elizabeth Baker – Little Acorns Nursery

LEA observers:

  • Tony Murphy (Head of Education & Inclusion)
  • Emma Clennell (Finance Manager)
  • Jack Aconley-Foster (Finance Officer)

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