Browser support

Desktop browsers

This website has been designed to take advantage of modern web technologies. In order for these features to work correctly we recommend using the latest version of your preferred browser. This table lists the browsers and the legacy versions our site supports.

As browser developers start to increase their release rate we will only provide support for the most recent versions.

Supported browsers
Browser Version Supported Supported until Usage on site (%) Release cycle
Internet Explorer 8 No June 2015 0.02 Yearly
Internet Explorer 9 No June 2015 0.54 Yearly
Internet Explorer 10 No January 2016 0.01 Yearly
Internet Explorer 11 Yes June 2020 5.44 Yearly
Edge N/A Yes Ongoing 4.92  N/A
Firefox N/A Yes Ongoing 2.15 Quarterly
Chrome N/A Yes Ongoing 35.85 6 Weeks
Safari N/A Yes June 2014 36.09 1-2 Years
Opera N/A No N/A 0.14 Yearly

Mobile browsers

We have designed this website to work on popular mobile handsets that run IOS and Android. 

Supported mobile browsers
Browser Version Supported Supported until Usage on site (%) Release cycle
IOS N/A Yes Ongoing 38.48 Yearly
Android N/A Yes Ongoing 27.43 Yearly
  • Mobile: 57.05%
  • Desktop: 33.34%
  • Tablet: 9.37%

What do we mean by supported browsers?

When we release new features on our website we will test these against the supported browsers listed on this page. Functionality and layout bugs for existing features that are found will also be fixed.

Although we will not spend any staff time or resources fixing bugs and testing new features for non-supported legacy browsers, most of the site's main functionality should continue to work although some layout issues such as overlapping images and strangely formatted bullet points may occur. This can be fixed by upgrading to a newer version of your browser.

Page last updated: 14/02/2018