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Making every penny count for the people of Darlington

Making every penny count for the people of Darlington
14 March 2019

We want to make every penny count for the people of Darlington – that’s the message from Chris McEwan, Deputy Leader of Darlington Borough Council (DBC) and DBCs cabinet member for Economy and Regeneration.

DBC is working with the centre for local economic strategies (CLES), who are experts in advising organisations on how to get the best possible value for money when buying goods and services, including social, economic and environmental benefits for local communities.

Work will include looking at how DBC buys goods and services to make sure that whenever the council spends money it benefits the borough as much as possible.   This includes investing in businesses and employers who are local and who provide additional social and environmental benefits as part of their delivery.

We will also be working closely with our partners, including other public sector providers and businesses, to make sure the money we spend collectively helps to build local wealth and improve quality of life and wellbeing for people across Darlington.

The work is part of our commitment to the Fairer Richer Darlington Charter, a ground breaking strategy to help people in Darlington who are struggling financially by co-ordinating existing work across the borough, as well as spearheading new multi-agency initiatives.

Councillor McEwan said: “We’ve considered social value when buying goods and services for a while now, in order to take into account those suppliers who can add some real value for the people of Darlington, whether it’s by supporting our local economy, committing to employing local people or funding community projects, but it’s important to make sure that if we can be doing more, we do.

“By reviewing our approach and engaging our public sector partners to work with us, Darlington will join a small but growing list of UK towns and cities proactively undertaking wealth building activities. We want to make sure the real economic successes we continue to see in Darlington are enjoyed by the people who live here with new jobs and opportunities for people to benefit from, building a fairer and richer Darlington for everyone.”

Darlington Borough Council’s endorsement of the Fairer Richer Darlington Charter signifies its commitment to the long term programme underpinning it, including lots of new projects over the coming months across the borough.

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