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Heritage plaque commemorates suffragette

Heritage plaque commemorates suffragette
29 July 2021

A blue heritage plaque has been unveiled at the former home of a prominent member of the suffragette movement.

Maria Louisa Swanson was a prominent suffragist and her commitment to the cause has been commemorated at her former home in Waverley Terrace.

Councillor Heather Scott, Leader of Darlington Borough Council, met with the current homeowner Wendy Richardson, when the plaque was unveiled earlier this week.

Councillor Scott said: “I was delighted to hear Maria Swanson has been commemorated in this way. Blue plaques are an important reminder of the suffragette movement, the memory of which we must always preserve for future generations.

“It was a privilege to meet with Wendy to mark the unveiling of the blue plaque. Wendy has championed the cause of women throughout her life, both as a Soroptimist and as a member of the National Council of Women.”

The plaque was organised by Mrs Richardson’s grandson, Marc Farringdon, as a Christmas present.

Maria Louisa Swanson, who also had links to Leyburn, North Yorkshire, lived from 1853 to 1923.

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