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2040: Ambitious plans to bring forward carbon-neutral target date

2040: Ambitious plans to bring forward carbon-neutral target date
19 July 2023

Councillors are to debate an ambitious proposal that would see the council bring forward by ten years the date by which it aims to become carbon-neutral.

The council’s current commitment is to achieve carbon-neutral status by 2050.

At a meeting of full council on Thursday (20 July), councillors will debate a proposal to bring that target date forward to 2040 and call on central government to provide funding and resources to achieve this aim.

The council’s journey towards becoming carbon-neutral began in 2019 when a climate emergency was declared.

If the 2040 proposal wins cross-party support on Thursday, it will see a renewed focus on working towards the carbon-neutral target.

Councillor Chris McEwan, deputy leader of the council, said: “We believe that bringing the target date forward by ten years is not only the right thing to do for our environment, but also a realistic and achievable aim for the council.

“Progress has already been made – solar panels have been installed on the Town Hall roof, council homes and vehicles are being made more eco-friendly and several other initiatives are underway.

“Climate Emergency UK scored the council well on its council climate plan scorecards. However, it is time to be more ambitious.

“We believe that residents, businesses, community groups and other organisations will want to be involved. The council has a role to play in bringing these groups together, working with business where we can. This, in turn, will support the whole borough on our collective journey towards carbon neutrality.”

The motion due to be debated by councillors on Thursday night also reaffirms the council’s declaration of a climate emergency.

The motion also resolves to:

  • Develop a carbon emissions reduction trajectory that supports the government’s commitment to the Paris Agreement of no more than 1.5C global temperature increase;
  • Ensure the council is adapting to climate change so it can continue to provide vital services;
  • Work with partners to encourage and persuade residents, businesses and the third sector to reduce emissions;
  • Work with education establishments to signpost them to suitable learning aids and encourage young people to get involved in decision-making and peer learning about how to tackle climate change;
  • Work with other councils and organisations to share best practice around climate and ecological emergencies;
  • Continue the cross-party working group to oversee the climate change work and provide support and guidance;
  • Progress reports will be brought to full council every six months.

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