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Dolphin Centre pool investment update

Dolphin Centre pool investment update
02 August 2023

ESSENTIAL maintenance work is continuing as part of the council’s investment in the Dolphin Centre.

The Dolphin Centre provides an excellent range of health and wellbeing activities as well as a key leisure and social venue in the town centre. The centre’s popular swimming pool is currently undergoing structural repairs. This is part of an ongoing programme of work to ensure the building, which is more than 40 years old, continues to be fit for the 21st Century.

The main project is progressing and is expected to be completed at the end of October 2023. However, when the pool tiles were removed more repairs were found to be necessary and this has identified further areas needing work much sooner than anticipated from the original investigations.

An urgent report is being considered by the council’s Cabinet next week, to consider whether to extend the current project and sort the issues as part of the current works, or complete current work and have to close the pool again for further work within 18 months.

The report recommends that further investment is approved in the current project as there would be a number of benefits, including time and cost savings.

If agreed, this would mean the pool re-opening would be delayed and it would then be expected to reopen by late January 2024. The current swimming arrangements would continue.

The water education programme will not be affected by the ongoing work on the main pool, with hundreds of swimming lessons continuing to be delivered in the training pool. There will also continue to be a temporary pool programme, offering lane swimming, water aerobics and family sessions. 

Councillor Matthew Roche, Cabinet member for Health & Housing, said: Councillor Matthew Roche, Cabinet member for Health & Housing, said: “The Dolphin Centre is a much-loved town centre venue for people of all ages and has been for decades.

“However, the building is now well over 40 years old. Like any property of that age, it needs ongoing care and attention to maintain its high-quality facilities. The council is investing in the main pool to ensure it can be enjoyed for years to come.

“Whilst I appreciate and understand that people are keen to have their main pool back as soon as possible, the last thing we would want to do is open the pool prematurely, only to see it have to close again for further and more costly repairs within 18 months.”

Cabinet is due to meet to consider the report at 9am on Friday 11 August.

Customers can contact the Dolphin Centre direct for more information – email [email protected]

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