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Masie is a road safety winner!

Masie is a road safety winner!
29 August 2023

A catchy phrase and art skills helped ten-year-old Maisie Ward scoop the top prize in a road safety competition. The pupil from St. Bede’s was awarded a special certificate and a £50 voucher by the Mayor Jan Cossins.

The competition formed part of our campaign to help create awareness of road safety issues around local primary schools. Late last term, more than 8,000 youngsters across all primary schools received a road safety booklet to take home.

The front of the booklet was left  blank and pupils were asked to create a design with a road safety message to fill the space, encouraging children and parents/carers to work on ideas and talk about road safety together.

The booklet included safety tips for children and parents/carers and included important information on parking safely outside of schools:

If you are driving your child to school, please remember:

•             park outside of the yellow zig zag lines near the school

•             drive slowly and carefully, especially around pick up and drop off times

•             always stop for a school crossing patrol when asked

•             take care when dropping your child off and encourage them to get out of the car on the pavement side

•             be considerate to people who live near schools, particularly when parking

•             consider alternatives to driving such as walking or cycling.

Large banners warning drivers not to park on the zig zags have been sent to schools as well as a road safety presentation for assemblies. 

Cllr Cossins said: “It was wonderful to meet Maisie and her family and talk about her design. Road safety is such an important issue especially outside our schools where people can be in a rush and distracted by lots of things. With the start of term only days away it’s so important that parents and carers are reminded to take extra care when dropping off and picking up youngsters from school.”

Dr Amanda Riley, cabinet member for stronger communities, added: " “This is a brilliant example of how our road safety team works with schools, parents and carers, to address this issue. The areas around school gates can be chaotic at drop off and pick up times. It is essential that everything is done to minimise the risk to young children and we are working hard to ensure that all parents and carers are aware of the dangers posed by inconsiderate parking and driving in these areas.

“In addition, safer roads will also encourage children and parents/carers to walk or cycle to school whenever possible.”

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