Recycle Right and win!

Recycle Right and win!
23 January 2017

Darlington residents who recycle right could be rewarded for their efforts with a spot prize.

Every week during February and March, one household which recycles right will be chosen at random to receive a free family swim at the Dolphin Centre and £20 voucher to spend on food and drink in the Bar Bistro or 16 Horsemarket.

Street Scene crews who already check whether recycling is contaminated will randomly select the winners from all those who recycle right across the Borough.

It is hoped the prize scheme will encourage more people to follow the simple steps to recycle right and reduce the amount of contaminated recycling being collected each week.

The Council has to pay to dispose of contaminated recycling (when things are put in the wrong recycling bin) but gets paid for every tonne of recycling it collects -money that can be spent on Council services that benefit everyone.

Nick Wallis, the Cabinet Member for Leisure and Local Environment, said: “There are so many reasons why we should be recycling right – it’s good for the environment and saves us money which we can spend on things that really matter.
“By rewarding people who do recycle right we hope to encourage others to think more about what and how they recycle. If you are not sure what goes in what bin then visit our website or look out for handy tips in One Darlington magazine.”

The winners of the competition will receive a letter telling them how to claim their prize. For more information on how to recycle right visit

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