Have your say on anti-social behaviour crackdown plan

Have your say on anti-social behaviour crackdown plan
10 September 2018

A public consultation on proposals aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour in Darlington town centre starts today (10 September).

Darlington Borough Council is considering introducing a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) – a positive measure enabling the police to deal with anti-social behaviour, particularly around the seating area near the Boot and Shoe pub and entrance to St Cuthbert’s Church yard.

The consultation runs for 12 weeks, closing at the end of November.

For more information about the proposed PSPO, and details of how you can have your say, visit www.darlington.gov.uk/consultations

Once the consultation – which would include police, local business owners and the wider community – is complete, Cabinet would then decide whether or not to introduce a PSPO.

Graham Hall, the council’s Head of Community Safety, said: “Anti-social behaviour in the town centre is something the public have told us is an important priority to crack down on.

“We want to make sure people feel safe coming into Darlington and to make the town centre as welcoming as it can be, so I would encourage people to give their views in this consultation.

“Examples of anti-social behaviour include begging and alcohol-related disorder.

“A PSPO is not simply a blanket ban on certain activities in a certain area. Instead, it is a positive measure that enables the police and other designated officers to deal more effectively with disorder, for example by confiscating alcohol from adults.”

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