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Vehicle mechanical and MOT appointment booking

Taxi vehicle testing

It’s your responsibility to book the vehicle test and to make sure that your vehicle has a valid certificate of compliance test and a valid MOT certificate.

  • Private hire vehicles require MOT certificate when the vehicle is three years old.
  • Hackney carriage vehicles require MOT certificate when the vehicle is one years old.

For more information please refer the current taxi policy [pdf document]

When vehicles are tested

New vehicles

  • Must have been approved by taxi licensing as a suitable vehicle.
  • Must undergo an initial vehicle test for a licence to be issued. Once the vehicle passes the mechanical test a licence can be issued for this vehicle.

Renewal vehicles

All hackney carriage and private hire vehicles licensed by us must undergo a vehicle test every 6 months at our approved Test Centre (Allington Way).

You will receive an email reminder in relation to your vehicle and when it is due a mechanical test.

It’s your responsibility to make sure your vehicle has a vehicle test up to 4 weeks in advance of the:

  • 6-month test due date
  • 12-month renewal test due date

Failure to make sure that your vehicle has passed the test by the required due date will result in the suspension or the expiry of your vehicle licence.

You’re committing a criminal offence if you use an unlicensed vehicle for licensed work or drive a vehicle without a valid certificate of compliance test and MOT certificate.

Rearranging or cancelling your mechanical test/MOT appointment

To rearrange or cancel your test, please contact the Council Depot on 01325 406715 up to 48 hours before the test date.

Any tests rearranged or cancelled outside of this timeframe will not get a refund of the test fee and will be required to rebook.

Any vehicle that fails to attend the appointment will be suspended until such time a re-test has been undertaken.

Test fees

Test type Fee
Vehicle test £56.00
Vehicle test with MOT £66.00
Failure to attend (with less than 48hrs notice) £56.00
Vehicle re-test £27.00
Vehicle re-test with emissions test £39.00
Vehicle re-test emissions test only £12.00

Book or pay for a taxi vehicle test

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