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Volunteering with Darlington’s Ranger Team

There are many documented health benefits of green spaces in our towns.

People need to relax, interact with others, breathe in the fragrance of flowers, and hear the sounds of birds and buzzing bees.

Spending time in green spaces is known to be very therapeutic, and we all feel the better for it. 

A Great Crested Newt

Then there are the plants and animals that make a home in our green spaces.  Some of them are able to thrive almost anywhere, but others such as the great crested newt, a Darlington speciality, need specific conditions in ponds and their surroundings.

You can help look after Darlington’s parks and nature reserves by volunteering with the Council’s ranger team.

Beech Wood

Beech Wood, Whinfield.

What do we do?

A volunteer helps to clean a stream

Removing algal mats from a pond containing stonewort.

We undertake practical site management including

  • Scrub, hedge, tree, meadow, grass and flower management.
  • Planting trees, flower plugs and bulbs.
  • Control of invasive plants such as knotweed and Crassula.
  • Managing pond vegetation to maximise   biodiversity
  • Helping with infrastructure repairs such as fencing, gates and benches.

What’s in it for you?

As a valued member of a professional team, you will learn about nature reserve and park management, using a range of hand and power tools.

You will be enjoying the company of like-minded people in pleasant surroundings, and  when the sun is shining, it’s a lot of fun.

Protective clothing is provided.

What skills do you need?

None. It’s enthusiasm for what we do that we need, as there is plenty of on the job training.

Of course it would be good if you are able to work in a small team, be reliable, be happy working outside and getting a little mucky.

A volunteer works with a spade

Hedgerow planting.

When do we do what we do?

A volunteer fills a wheelbarrow

Tree planting.

The ranger team goes out each week on a Thursday.

You can be flexible about how many days you help, and for how many hours each day.

For more information, contact: [email protected]

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