Council tax support

In April 2013, Council tax benefit was replaced by council tax support schemes, which are set by each council. The key feature of Darlington’s local scheme is that Council tax support will only be paid to a maximum of 80% of a person’s council tax liability.

Low income residents of working age are expected to contribute towards their Council tax. People of pensionable age are protected from these rules.

The Council Tax Support scheme for 2018/2019 has been approved by the Council.

Your council tax bill will tell you how much you have to pay - we will work this out for you. 

If you are finding it difficult to pay on time, don’t wait for any reminders to be sent – contact us as soon as possible using our Council tax enquiry e-form [e-form opens in a new window] and we will try to make alternative arrangements with you to help you pay off your bill.

How to pay your council tax

Please tell us if your circumstances change as this may affect the level of Council tax support you get.

If you do not get Council tax support and want to make a claim, please complete our Housing benefit and Council tax support application [e-form opens in a new window] .