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Disabled children and young adults

In Darlington assessment and support for Disabled Children and Young Adults is provided by the Life Stages Service. The Life Stages Service (0-25 and 26+) supports disabled children, young people and adults with a learning disability in Darlington.

We have abandoned the traditional system of transferring young adults to another team at 18 as we recognise that Young Adults and their family’s value consistency and stability during a time in their life where there is considerable change. In Darlington this will usually mean the allocated Social Worker remains with the Young Adult as they journey into adulthood. Social Workers in the Life Stages Service have been developing their skills and knowledge to ensure they can assist Young Adults during this phase of their lives

The Life Stages Services uses a Progression Model. This means that when working with individuals and their families we build on the strengths, skills and support networks that the individual has to encourage their independence throughout their life.

To find out if support would be appropriate, the Disabled Child or Young Adult would require an assessment of their needs.

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