Looked after children

A small number of children in Darlington live in the care of the Local Authority.

They are known as Looked After Children. Most of them live with foster carers, some live in their own families and some live in residential children’s homes.

We aim to provide the very best quality of care for our Looked After Children many of whom have experienced major difficulties in their lives.

The Sufficiency and Commissioning Strategy sets out Darlington’s strategic approach to securing sufficient accommodation and support to meet the needs of our Looked After Children and Care Leavers.

Looked After Children and Care Leavers Commissioning and Sufficiency Strategy [pdf document]

Looked after through care team

This team comprises of a full-time Team Manager, full-time Senior Practitioner, six full-time Social Workers, and three full-time Personal Advisors. In addition there are two Participation Officers and two Therapeutic Social Workers within the team.

We also work very closely with education and health professionals. The team is responsible for working with children and young people who are being looked after on a long term basis.

The team supports the child/young person within placement, promotes family contact, supports young people in education and ensures their health needs are met.

Young people are also supported in their transition to adulthood. Personal advisors are allocated to young people at 15.5 years old.

Please see the Leaving Care webpage for more information.

The role of the Social Worker:

  • To ensure the child/ young person is visited within placement within statutory timescales.
  • To complete all relevant Looked After Child assessments and paperwork.
  • To ensure that all involvement is recorded accurately within a timely manner.
  • To ensure that positive working relationships are developed with the child, carer and family members.
  • To ensure that all contacts with family members are arranged and the child/ young person, their family and carers are made aware of these arrangements.
  • To ensure that Personal Education Plans are completed and reviewed.
  • To ensure that Looked After Child Health Assessments are completed within required timescales.
  • To work closely with all our partner agencies sharing appropriate information as and when required.
  • To improve outcomes for Looked After Children.

If you would like any further information regarding the Looked After Through Care Team please contact the Team Manager.

Looked after through care team contact details

Pease House
12A Horsemarket,

Should you wish to discuss a Looked After Child/Young Person and you are unable to contact their allocated worker you should contact the Duty worker on the following telephone number: 01325 406284

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