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Advice for parents

People who exploit young people are very clever in their use of manipulation.

Most young people have no idea they are being exploited and, when questioned, they will not see anything wrong with the situation.

The Online Safety Act 2023 places a legal responsibility on tech companies to prevent and rapidly remove illegal content, like terrorism and revenge pornography. They must also stop children seeing material that is harmful to them such as bullying, content promoting self-harm and eating disorders, and pornography.

As parents you also have a role in ensuring your children only access age appropriate sites and you should know who your children are communicating with online.

Barnardos: Support keeping children safe from harm and child abuse [external link] 

Barnardos Real love rocks - advice and resources about forming healthy relationships [external link]

Your online safety - BBC Bitesize - tips on keeping children safe online [external link]

How to get help

The council's children's initial advice team - call 01325 406222

Number Forty

Child Sexual Exploitation & How to Keep Your Child Safe | NSPCC [external link]

Barnardo’s [external link]

Durham Police [external link]

Fearless [external link]

Out Of The Shadows [external link]

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