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Medical and health needs

Each year in Darlington we support about 40 children, and their families who have medical needs.

We also support 300 pupils who have been inpatients at Darlington Memorial Hospital.

The aim of our service is to support pupils and their families.

We hope to reduce the disruption to their schooling by carrying on education as normally as the medical needs will allow.

The Department for Education has produced guidance:

If your child is likely to be absent from school for more than 15 days because of medical needs or has a chronic condition which results in recurring absence, your school will:

  • Work with you to identify your child’s needs.
  • If support from the Home and Hospital Teaching Service is needed, your school will refer your child to the Vulnerable Pupil Panel (VPP).
  • Evidence of your child’s medical needs must support this referral.
  • If provision is offered , the Home and Hospital Teaching Service will meet with your family. They will then arrange and put in place an appropriate teaching programme to support your child.
  • A reintegration plan will be put into place to support your child when they are able to return to school or College.

For more information call 01325 348604, 01325 348605 or email [email protected].

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