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Annual Canvass

Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) have an obligation to conduct an Annual Canvass of households every year. This is to confirm;

  • the existing information on the Electoral Register,
  • to find out names and addresses of people entitled to be, but who are not registered,
  • and to ascertain those electors who are not entitled to be registered. 

To conduct the Annual Canvass, the Electoral Registration Officer will send an Annual Canvass Form to every household in the Borough at the start of July. Where details are currently on the Electoral Register, these will be pre-printed on the Annual Canvass Form. Where no eligible electors are registered a blank Annual Canvass Form will be delivered to the property.

Not all residents will need to respond to the Annual Canvass Form. Those whose details have recently been verified with other records only need inform us if there are any changes to the information contained on the Annual Canvass Form.

Those whose information has not been recently verified must respond to the Annual Canvass Form.  Should no response be received to the form, an officer from the Council will telephone / undertake a personal visit to the property to encourage completion of the form.

Residents can confirm details on the Annual Canvass Form by;

Residents will need the security codes printed on the Annual Canvass Form to do this.

Changes to the details outlined on the Annual Canvass Form can also be done online at, or by telephone (01325 406444). 

For further information contact the:-

Elections Office
Town Hall
DL1 5 QT
Tel. 01325 406444
E-Mail [email protected]

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