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Council owned land

an overview of land DBC owns

Council owned land [pdf document], Council owned land is indicated by red boundaries and red shading.

Important information

  • The use or status of each piece of land is not indicated.
  • If a piece of land is not council-owned, then you will need to contact the Land Registry [external link] if you require further information.
  • We have land and properties to let - visit the vacant sites and premises register [external link] for more information. If you would like to buy, visit land and property for sale.
  • This map is intended for identification purposes only and should not be used for scaling or as formal documentation.
  • Most rural areas and villages are not covered here. The amount of council land in villages is minimal.  Land in rural areas mainly consists of roadside verges.
  • This map is Ordnance Survey based and subject to copyright.