Rights of way improvement plan

The rights of way improvement plan (ROWIP) aims to provide a strategy that helps to target resources towards achieving Darlington’s vision for countryside access. This aim is closely related to the findings of national, regional and local research, which emphasise the importance of a raft of benefits to improved countryside access. These benefits include the value of green exercise to mental and physical health, the importance of having people’s support for action and use of resources to improve the green environment. In addition there is a need to help reverse the process of an increasing gulf between the urban population and the people in the rural areas.

Rights of way improvement plan (ROWIP) [pdf document]


Map 1 - Network [pdf document]

Map 2 - Geographical areas [pdf document]

Map 3 - North area [pdf document]

Map 4 - North-East area [pdf document]

Map 5 - Deeper rural [pdf document]

Map 6 - Urban [pdf document]

Map 7 - West area [pdf document]

Map 8 - South-West area [pdf document]

Map 9 - South area [pdf document]

Map 10 - East area [pdf document]