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Cooling towers

Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations 1992

This is for those that control premises that have a working tower or a condenser that contains water exposed to air.

Those people must tell their local authority (LA) about the tower/condenser.
The person in control must also make notifications about:

  • Any changes that are made to details of the notice. This must be done within one month.
  • The tower or condenser being taken out of service. This must be done as soon as possible.
  • The tower or condenser being made redundant. This must be done as soon as possible.

One purpose of this process is to identify towers as sources of risk.

This allows authorities to monitor and inspect them easily.

The local authority must keep records of wet cooling systems.

The Health & Safety Executive and LA's are responsible for enforcement.

This is dependent on the main activity of the premises.

LA's and the HSE make visits to the towers to ensure standards are met.

They will take enforcement action where appropriate.

Cooling towers have been linked with outbreaks of Legionnaires Disease(LD).

Information on LD is available from the HSE website [external link].

Towers are expected to have a systematic method of maintenance.

Including cleaning/disinfection, to keep the water free from bacteria.

Registering a cooling tower

Contact us for a form to notify us about a cooling tower or evaporative condenser.

Who to contact

For further information or a notification form email [email protected] or call 01325 405111.

List of cooling towers in Darlington

List of cooling towers in Darlington
Location Number Person in control
Cummins Engine Company, Yarm Road, Darlington Two Steve Morley
Inovyn Chlorvinyls Limited Newton Aycliffe, DL5 6EA Four Romuald Fix
Ineos Newton Aycliffe (compounds and films) Newton Aycliffe, DL5 6EA Two Dr J.W. Wood
Protim Solignum Ltd, Lingfield Way, Darlington  DL1 4QA  One  Graeme Jinks 

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