Workforce information

Note: all information excludes schools and has been updated as at 1 April 2018 unless indicated.

The following key workforce information has been updated in line with the Local Government Group’s Practitioner’s Guide ‘Transparency : Publication of Senior Salary Information’ (November 2010) and local government transparency code (2014) issue by department for Communities and Local Government.

This information will be updated at the end of each financial year in the interest of promoting local transparency.

Council structure

There are three groups within the Council:

  • Children's and Adult's Services
  • Economic Growth and Neighbourhood Services
  • Resources

More information about management structure can be found under senior management and staff contacts

Localism Act 2011 - pay policy statement 2018/19

This document sets out the Council’s pay policy in relation to the remuneration of Chief Officers and staff in accordance with section 38 of the Localism Act 2011. The policy is subject to annual review and must be approved by the Borough Council for each financial year. This statement is valid from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

The Council is mindful of its duty as defined in the Equality Act 2010. This pay policy statement forms part of a range of pay policies to promote equality in pay practices and assists in ensuring that the Council is promoting transparency of senior managers pay and a fair approach to pay related equalities objectives.

Pay policy statement 2018/19 [pdf document]

During the financial year 17/18 the Council’s Pay Ratio was 7.66. This calculation is based on the highest paid employee’s taxable earnings in 2017 -18, divided by the workforce (those employed over the full year) median taxable earnings in 2017-18. The Council aims to ensure that the pay multiple do not exceed 10.

Senior management and staff contacts

Senior management structure chart [pdf document] (In line with Council requirements to publish an organisational chart of the top three levels).

The Council’s main officer decision-making body is known as the Chief Officers’ Executive (COE). COE works alongside and for the councillors elected to run the Council’s key public services and is responsible for:

  • managerial leadership and direction of the Council
  • providing the formal response to Cabinet policy direction and the development of corporate policy and initiatives for Cabinet consideration
  • co-ordinating and commissioning council-wide activity, planning and programme management

COE comprises of four senior officers:

  • Managing Director - Paul Wildsmith
  • Director of Children and Adults Services - Suzanne Joyner
  • Director of Economic Growth and Neighbourhood Services - Ian Williams
  • Assistant Director - Resources - Elizabeth Davidson

The names of the post holders and of the Assistant Directors in each Group are shown on the Senior management structure chart.

Council officers earning £50k and over

Current salary scales for Darlington Borough Council employees

Current salary scales for senior management (Chief Executive, Directors and Assistant Directors) [pdf document]

Current salary scales for employees below this level

Number of employees at Darlington Borough Council

Number of Employees in Darlington Borough Council as of March 2013 to 2018 inclusive [pdf document]

The figures are provided by headcount and full time equivalent employees (FTE), gender, full time / part time status and including / excluding schools.

The headcount figure relates to the actual number of employees and the FTE figure relates to the number of full time equivalent staff (two part-time employees each working 18.5 hours per week would count as 1 FTE (37 hours per week).

Turnover rate

Turnover rate for 2014/15 to 2017/18 (inclusive) [pdf document]


  • 30 employees retired from Darlington Borough Council during 2017/18
  • 31 retired during the 2016/17
  • 24 retired during 2015/16
  • 24 retired during 2014/15
  • 21 retired during 2013/14
  • 17 retired during 2012/13

Sickness absence

Sickness absence information from 2011/12 to 2017/2018 (inclusive) [pdf document]

The Council measures its performance in terms of the number of working days / shifts lost due to sickness absence per full time equivalent (FTE) member of staff.

Redundancy information

Redundancy information from 2011/12 to 2017/2018 (inclusive) [pdf document]

Disciplinary cases

58 Disciplinary cases concluded at Darlington Borough Council during the 2017/18 financial year.

Employee violent incident reports by service


Trade Union Facility Time [pdf document]

Workforce Health Check 2014 [pdf document] - 12/1/15

More information about workforce equality

For further information please contact Freedom of Information.