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Get an alert for new consultations

You can now receive a weekly email listing all the new consultations that have been added to our website this week. All you need is a My Darlington+ account and to register for the types of consultation you'd be interested in receiving alerts for.

  1. Log into your My Darlington+ account
  2. Select the Consultations option from the navigation menu.

    My Darlington+ navigation menu highlighting the Consultations link

  3. Select the consultation categories you are interested in being notified about and switch on the weekly email button.

    My Darlington+ selecting consultations to subscribe to

  4. You should now receive an email each week listing the new consultations that have been added to our site that are currently open. Please note - you will still receive an email if there are no matching consultations saying there are no matches this week.

    Weekly consultation email example

Install our web app.