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Citizenship ceremonies

British Citizenship

Applying to become a British Citizen

You can apply to become a British Citizen through theHome Office [external link]. The council is not involved in your application or decision to grant British Citizenship.

The Home Office will consider your application and notify you of the outcome.

If you have been granted citizenship you will invited to attend your local register office for a citizenship ceremony.

Attending a British Citizenship Ceremony

If you have been granted British Citizenship the Home Office will notify your local register office who will then invite you to a citizenship ceremony.

In Darlington these are held approximately every six weeks at the Town Hall and you be provided with information about what will happen and how many guests you can bring.

After the citizenship ceremony

You will receive your certificate of naturalisation as a British Citizen at the citizenship ceremony and you can now:

You should also tell your employer that you are now a British Citizen as your rights as an employee may be different.

You should also return any biometric residence card that you have within 14 days of becoming a British Citizen to the Home Office.

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