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Business continuity

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is about preparing your organisation for incidents that may affect your ability to operate normally. This includes events such as a fire or flood. It is a process of analysing your business for vulnerabilities and putting measures in place to ensure you can deal with disruption.
Any incident - whether it is large or small - can cause major disruption to your business. However, if you plan in advance you will be able to help your day-to-day business recover more quickly. BCM can help you prepare to cope with disruptions and continue to carry out your business activities and reduce potential harm to staff.
The BCM process can also reveal inefficiencies and highlight possible savings. Therefor it is possible to make savings through BCM even if you are not affected by an incident.

Business continuity guide

Here is a business continuity guide [pdf document] which will give you more information on business continuity and help you to develop your own business continuity plan.

Useful links

You can try contacting your insurance company who may be able to provide additional information, support and guidance.


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