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Street parties

Street parties are a great way to get together with friends and neighbours to celebrate or mark special occasions.

This information is about parties that groups of residents arrange (the difference between a street party and other public event is explained at the bottom of this page).

Let us know

The number one tip for holding a street party is to plan early!

Share jobs out with your neighbours and let us know at least 10 weeks in advance by filling in our event notification form. This allows us to record all the street parties that are taking place and includes specific questions around potential road closures. 

Event plans do not need to be complicated - you just need to give an overview of the day and a risk assessment only needs to cover unusual risks caused by the event - not things that occur in everyday situations. 

Online event notification form

If you prefer you can print out the form and post it to us:

Event notification form [pdf document].

Road closures

For most small parties in quiet streets, all we need to know is where and when the closure will take place so we can plan around it (for example, so emergency services know).

We need at least 10 weeks notice of a road closure so, if necessary, we can put in place a traffic regulation order. Your event plan should say how long you want the road to be closed for and if we need more information, we will contact you.

Don’t forget you can organise your party in another space such as a garden, local park or driveway without filling in any forms. Call us on 01325 405888 for more advice.


You do not usually need to have public liability insurance for a street party.

We will let you know if insurance is a good idea once we have seen your plans.

Insurance can start at as little as £50. You could split costs between residents or ask for donations to cover the costs.

Selling alcohol and playing music

Less than 500 in attendance

You will need to get a temporary event notice at least ten working days before your event if you are planning on selling alcohol.

You do not need an entertainment licence for recorded/live music or dancing between 8am and 11pm.

For more information see our licensing pages or call 01325 405888.

More than 500 in attendance

You will need to apply for a full premise licence to sell alcohol.

You should allow two months for the application processing.

For more information see our licensing pages or call 01325 405888.


If you and your neighbours are providing food for a street party please read our guide to food hygiene for catering volunteers.

We also have advice if you are hosting a community barbecue.

If a food business is attending your event they will need to register with us (free of charge). If a mobile food trader, such as an ice cream van, is attending, the business should already be registered and have a valid street trading consent.

Emergency access

You must make sure that emergency service vehicles are able to drive down the street at all times.

Street party or public event?

The main differences between a small street party and other public events are:

Street parties

  • For residents/neighbours only
  • Only publicised to residents
  • Held in a quiet residential road
  • Organised by a resident
  • Normally don't need insurance
  • No formal risk assessment needed
  • No licences normally necessary
  • Held between 8am and 11pm

Other public events

  • Anyone can attend
  • Publicised to everyone (in newspapers; social media etc)
  • Held in a building or parks for example.
  • Have an official event organiser
  • Insurance needed
  • Written risk assessment normally required
  • Licence usually needed if more than 500 people are attending

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