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Fees (all inclusive of VAT where applicable)

Land charges fees
Standard Residential Search (post or DX) £95.50
Standard Residential Search (Electronically) £93.50
Commercial Search (post or DX) £145.50
Commercial Search (Electronically) £143.50
Con 29 - 1 parcel of land   £80.00
Con 29 - Several Parcels of Land  1st Parcel of Land (Residential) £80.00
1st Parcel of Land (Commercial) £130.00
Each addition £25.00
Con 29 Optional Each printed enquiry £6.00
Own Questions   £6.00
Official Search - LLC1   £15.50
(Electronically) £13.50
Expedited Search (Residential) The search result will be returned within 24 hours from receipt of full instructions £172.00
Expedited Search (Commercial) £234.00
Personal Search (Personal inspection of information held in the Land Charges Register) No charge
Additional written enquiries received after a search has been completed  £6.00

To pay by BACS our bank details are :

Lloyds Bank, 21-23 Northgate, Darlington DL1 1TL

A/C Name Darlington Borough Council - Land Charges

Sort Code 30-84-43

A/C No 34640868

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