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The Council holds a range of information that relates to land and the environment. This information is held by a number of different Council teams and you will need to make contact with the Team who hold the information. Details of who holds that information and how they can be contacted is set out below.

Please ensure when requesting information that you set out clearly what information you want. It would be helpful to quote both the Con29 question and reference number.

Local land charges register

Information about obligations or charges relating to land and property that are enforceable against current and subsequent owners of land is available from looking at the local land charges register. This information is not normally available from looking at title deeds or from inspecting the land itself.

The Council provides copies of the local land charges register by email.

To obtain a copy please email the land charges team at [email protected].

Please provide the address and a plan which highlights the property/land extent in red.

Planning information

Information relating to the planning history and other planning related information (such as whether a property is in a conservation area, community infrastructure levy, sustainable urban drainage systems, legal notices, s106 that have been served) can be obtained from the Planning team at [email protected].

The team will respond to email requests for information and can also make the information available to be seen in person at the Town Hall by prior arrangement. Please email to arrange an appointment.

Assets of community value

Building control

Information about building approval applications, decision date, completion certificates, legal notices that have been served and whether there have been any proceedings for breach of building control can be obtained from building control at [email protected].

There is also an online enquiry form [online form, opens in new window].

Environmental health

Information about contaminated land, flood and coastal erosion, flood defence and land drainage consents, health and safety and legal notices that have been served on a property can be obtained by contacting the Environmental Health team via the e-form below. 

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Information about whether roads or footpaths have been adopted, details about road and traffic schemes and legal notices that have been served can be obtained by personally visiting the Highways team based at 17 Allington Way, Darlington, DL1 4QB. Please email the department to arrange an appointment at [email protected].

Housing conditions

Information about housing such as whether houses in multiple occupation are licensed are subject to enforcement notices or whether any land and legal notices have been served on a property can obtained from Private Sector housing team.

There is an online Private Sector Housing contact form [opens in new window].

Rights of Way

Information about rights of way can be obtained by personally visiting the Rights of Way team based at 17 Allington Way, Darlington, DL1 4QB. Please email the department to arrange an appointment at [email protected].

Compulsory Purchase Orders

Information about Compulsory Purchase Orders can be obtained by emailing the team at [email protected].

Charges and response times

There are no charges for providing access to any of the above information and staff will seek to respond to enquiries as soon as they reasonably can. You are requested to seek to be reasonable in the nature and scope and nature of the enquiries made and appreciate that more detailed and volume based enquiries will take longer to respond to. Response time will also depend on the demands of other work being dealt with by the relevant staff.

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