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Street Scene

Street scene - who are we?

Street Scene is the name we’ve given to the council’s environmental services department. They are responsible for waste management, street cleaning and grounds maintenance across the borough.

What we do


We collect all rubbish, recycling and garden waste in the borough. We deliver new and replacement rubbish and recycling bins, boxes and bags. Street Scene can help residents who are less mobile and are not able to bring their waste to the edge of their property. We also offer bulky waste collection services for large household items.

Street cleaning services

Street cleaning services are the sweeping of roads in the borough, the collection and disposal of fly tips, emptying litter and dog bins and clearing roadside gullies.

Grounds maintenance

We keep on top of the grass areas, verges, hedges and trees in the borough. We also cut grass, weeds and trim back trees and hedges. We look after Darlington’s parks and also create and maintain seasonal flower displays.


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