Collection day information

What is my rubbish and recycling collection day?

Collections take place over two weeks – week one is your household rubbish, week two is for your recycling.

If you are not sure what day of the week your collections are, enter your postcode on our collection day lookup page

What happens on bank holidays?

Bank holidays don't affect bin collections except at Christmas and New Year. We will let you know about any Christmas changes in One Darlington magazine and on Facebook and Twitter.

Where and when do I put my wheeled bin/recycling out for collection?

Rubbish and recycling bins need to be put at the edge of your property on collection day.

Please do not block the pavement with your bin. If you have a long drive, put your bins, boxes and bags at the end of your drive. If you live in a terraced house with a back lane, put your rubbish in the back lane.

If access to the rear lane is difficult for our recycling wagons we will let you know. In this case put your recycling at the front of your property. The recycling wagon is bigger than the normal bin wagon and some back lanes are too narrow.

Your refuse and recycling must be out by 7am on the morning of collection. You can put it out after 8pm the night before.

What happens during bad weather?

This will depend how bad the weather conditions are and how long it lasts. If there is minor disruption we will catch up as soon as possible. Our Facebook and Twitter pages will provide regular updates.

During more severe weather we may not be able to carry out collections and you may have to wait until the next round in two weeks time. If this happens we may lift the ‘no black bags or side waste’ policy as a one-off so the extra waste can be collected.

Why hasn’t my refuse or recycling been collected?

We collect bins between 7am and 6pm on the day of collection. There are no set times for collection.

Even if we usually collect your bin on an afternoon sometimes a different crew or wagon may follow a different schedule and could come early.Your bin needs to be out by 7am for this reason. 

We may not have collected your bin for one of the following reasons:

  • It was not out at the start of collections at 7am
  • You left extra bags next to your bin (we will empty your bin but will not take extra bags)
  • The bin is contaminated with incorrect items
  • If your bin is missed, you can take your waste tothe tipon Whessoe Road.

Darlington Borough Council has a policy not to return for missed bins. This was agreed by the cabinet in 2016 due to a budget reduction from central government.