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Food labelling and allergens

The rules about labels for food in England and Wales are very detailed.

There are various ways that businesses can give allergy information to their customers.

Allergen information for loose foods [pdf document].

Businesses selling loose food, for example:

  • restaurants
  • cafes
  • hotels
  • sandwich shops
  • takeaways
  • bakeries
  • delicatessens

Will have to provide accurate information on specific allergens [external link].

Businesses also need to address the issue of allergen cross contamination.

Staff must receive training about food allergens.

The Food Standards Agency provides an online course [external link].

Manufacturers and packers selling food to other businesses will have to label in accordance with EU Regulation 1169/2011.

For more information see:

There are also two Power Point presentations available:

For more information contact:

Environmental Health
Town Hall

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