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What to do if you think you have been made ill and how to complain

Environmental health officers will investigate any complaints made about a business that sells food. 

Contact environmental health on [email protected] or 01325 405111. An officer will respond in one working day.

If there public health risk tell us as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it is for us to prove the food was in a bad state when it was sold to you.

Keep any receipts and packaging and keep the food in the refrigerator or freezer - we will collect it. 

Most food complaints do not present a public health risk. Our food Safety officers have prepared a guide to what makes a public health issue [pdf document].

We will not seek compensation on your behalf. If you just want a refund or compensation you need to do that yourself or seek legal advice.

If the complaint is about conditions at a restaurant, stall or takeaway we visit and interview the owner. We will decide if further action is necessary, in line with our enforcement policy.

What to do if you think you have been made ill

If you think that you have food poisoning you should visit your GP who may do tests.

Doctors who think a patient might have food poisoning must tell the council. We will then speak to the person who is ill to find out where it might have come from. 

If you work with food and you are ill, you must tell your employer.  If you have sickness and diarrhea you could pass it on. You must not go back to work until 48 hours after your symptoms have stopped.

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