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Family Group Conference

A family group conference is a meeting led by you.

It is an opportunity for your family and friends to come together to talk, plan and make decisions that support your family and children.

If you are interested you can watch the video below, and download our leaflets to find out more.

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What happens at a family group conference?

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“Well what a fantastic outcome after what we all initially had anxiety and sleepless nights about.

The family conferences are very much a huge part of two families getting through their differences in order to use that energy positively towards the children.

Our two families had not spoke in five months and things had came to an end on tense and negative terms. We all came together with apprehensions due to the unknown of how each side would be towards the other. We should not have worried. I would like to say a huge thank you to our FGC Facilitator who not only handled the situation with sensitivity but was also assertive and direct as to what the aim was for the meeting, the children. She was understanding, empathetic, warming and upbeat, I couldn’t have asked anymore of her.

The questions were there for us to see, the aim was laid out to us and we were encouraged to discus what we all wanted and what we all thought would be best for the children. Three plans were made, our support networks were combined rather than divided for each parent, we listened which I didn’t have much hope of prior to the meeting.

There were tears of love, relief and no doubt a build-up of many emotions.

So thank you again to you and your team, I don’t know how all that could have happened without your support and guidance”.

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