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Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual. 

We do not accept any form of domestic abuse in any of our homes and we encourage anyone experiencing domestic abuse to get help and support.

More information about homelessness

More information about domestic abuse

When you contact us:

  • If you are suffering domestic abuse ask to speak to 'Anita'. This is a password and we will make sure we talk to you in private  
  • We can visit you in your home if this is appropriate or we can meet you somewhere else you feel safe
  • We can arrange interpreters 
  • We will never make contact with the perpetrator of the violence
  • We will never disclose your address to a third party
  • We will offer housing advice.

Homelessness due to domestic abuse

If you are fleeing domestic abuse you can make a homeless application, if your application is successful you will have eight weeks to bid on suitable housing.

How to contact us