This is us


Our values are not just words, they mean something to our employees.

They are the heart of what we do as a workforce.

  • respect
  • innovate
  • collaborate
  • deliver

Workforce strategy [pdf document]


The council operates across so many different service areas, our #50Faces series will introduce you to some of the Council's unsung heroes.

We'll meet people doing all kinds of jobs, who each make a difference in their own way. #50 Faces

#50Faces Steven Winterburn

I love working for the council because every day,

myself and the team have a positive impact on the lives of young people.

Steven Winterburn talks about his work as YEI Programme Co-ordinator and how the team has worked to become the best in the Tees Valley.

#50Faces Steven Winterburn

What do our employees say about working with us

Our most recent Employee Survey, carried out September 2021, tells us that:

  • Employees are proud to work for the Council.
  • Managers make time when it is needed, know what is expected, listen and respond to views and suggestions and give support in stressful situations.
  • Employees believe the Council is committed to providing effective services to the residents of Darlington, understands why the Council needs to change and that change is managed effectively.
  • Employees feel trusted to get on with their job, value the support they receive from colleagues and understand their responsibilities.
  • Employees have regular team meetings, briefings, one to one meetings and feel well informed about Council wide issues.
  • Employees believe the Council is a safe place to work, understand their health and safety responsibilities, risks and report work related incidents.
  • Employees feel that the Council supports their wellbeing, have a healthy work life balance and supported through emotionally demanding work.

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