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Bus pass renewals

Disabled and disabled companion person’s bus pass renewals

What do I need to do to renew my disabled person’s or disabled companion person’s bus pass?

If we need further evidence to renew your pass we will write to you a month before it is due to expire.

Older person’s bus pass renewals

What do I need to do to renew my older person’s bus pass?

You can renew your bus pass online.

Register for an online account

If your pass has already expired or is due to expire in the next 28 days, you will need to register for an online bus pass account to renew your pass, unless you already have an online account.  Register or log in to your online account. 

You will need to review the contact details we have on record for you, and request to update these details if there are any changes. We also need your National Insurance Number and at least one telephone number – you may be asked to provide these details, if we don’t have them already.

To renew online you will need your:

  • current bus pass
  • an email address
  • National Insurance number

How do I register for an online account and renew my pass online?

Please follow the step-by-step renewal guide, concessionary travel step by step guide [pdf document]

Frequently asked questions

By law, a concessionary bus pass cannot be issued for more than five years. We are also taking this opportunity to confirm that the details we hold for you are correct.

Your renewal code is unique to you, and links the details we already hold for you, to your new online account. You need to look up your renewal code to create an online account.

The renewal code lookup can be found on the homepage of the online bus pass system. Enter the long number on the front of your current bus pass to retrieve your code.

Your password should contain at least 8 characters and combine uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

For data security reasons and to reduce the risk of fraud, it is not possible to create more than one bus pass account with the same email address. If you share an email address with someone who has already created an account you can either:

  • Use a different email address to set up an account
  • Create a unique user name
  • Contact the concessionary travel team

Go online to update your details. You will be asked to add proof of your change of name and/or address. Any change to your personal details needs to be approved by the concessionary travel team, before you can log back into your account and renew your pass.

Alternatively, you can contact the concessionary travel team and we will update your details for you.

If your appearance has changed a lot, we recommend that you upload a new photo.

If you have difficulty renewing online, and don’t have anyone to help you, please call the concessionary travel team or ask someone to call on your behalf to renew your pass. 

Please don’t attend the Customer Service Centre at the Town Hall without an appointment, you can contact Customer Services on 01325 405222 to make one.

Carry on using your existing pass until you receive your new pass. Once you have your new pass you should start using it straight away and destroy your old one. Do not return your current pass.

When we have received your renewal request, you will receive a confirmation email - check your junk mail if you haven’t received it. Once we have confirmed your request to update your personal details, you will receive a further email requesting that you log in and renew your card.

Chrome or Microsoft Edge are supported.

You will need to contact Customer Services on 01325 405222 to get a replacement. There is a charge of £10.

If you have the bus pass in your possession, you can still renew online.

You can access the online bus pass service on your PC, mobile phone, tablet or iPad (Apple or Android).

Install our web app.