Family research

The Darlington Register Office holds records of all births, deaths and marriages that have taken place in the Darlington Registration District since July 1837.

All of the indexes to these records from July 1837 to date can be searched on our online certificate searching page. Certified copies of the entries can be purchased online or by contacting the Darlington Register Office on 01325 406400.

Can’t find the record you need ?

Before July 1837

For records before July 1837 we suggest that you contact local churches and chapels or contact your local archive. Crown Street Library has a Local Studies section containing a large amount of information which you may find useful.

Boundary Changes

Since 1837, the Darlington Borough boundary has changed on several occasions. This has resulted in some of the rural areas of Darlington (for example: Hurworth being moved to another Registration District). Therefore if you are unable to find an entry for a birth, death or marriage which you believe occurred in such a rural area, you may need to consult a neighbouring Registration District.

Outside of Darlington

St. Catherine’s Index

Please note that references obtained from the St. Catherine’s Index do not correlate with our Register References. These should not be quoted in any correspondence to help avoid confusion.

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