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New vehicle application

Step 1

If you wish to licence a vehicle as a taxi but are not a licensed taxi driver yourself with DBC you must apply for a basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

You will need to provide us with the certificate.

Request a basic DBS check [external link]

This costs £23. The certificate will be sent out to you within 14 days.

A mechanical certificate from Darlington Borough Council is required.

Make an appointment for a mechanical certificate or MOT.

For new vehicles please enter 000 or NEW if it requires a Taxi Licence Number.

The checks are carried out at our testing centre:

Allington Way
Yarm Road Industrial Estate
DL1 4Q

Step 2

Make the appropriate application

Documents you are required to upload with your application:

  • Valid MOT certificate
  • Taxi vehicle insurance including public liability insurance (up to £5m)
  • Mechanical certificate
  • Vehicle ownership document

Additionally, depending on circumstances:

  • Meter calibration certificate
  • Employer's liability insurance
  • Wheelchair conversion certificate

Valid MOT certificate

A valid MOT certificate is required if your vehicle is more than 12 months old for a Hackney and over 3 years old for a private hire vehicle.

Taxi Vehicle Insurance

Taxi vehicle insurance including public liability insurance (up to £5m)

Public Hire insurance is required for Hackney Carriage Vehicles and Private Hire insurance is required for
private hire vehicles.

Mechanical Certificate

You will receive this from DBC testing centre.

New licences will book these directly with the garage. Every 6 months DBC will book vehicle in when their check is due.

Vehicle ownership document

A vehicle ownership document V5 or for new vehicles, the green slip will be accepted or a bill of sale until the V5 is available.

The V5 will need to be provided within 28 days.

Meter calibration certificate

This is only required for a a Hackney Carriage Vehicle.

You will need to contact a company that provide taxi meter services.

Employer’s liability insurance

If you employ someone to drive your vehicle you will need employer employer’s liability insurance up to £5 million.

Wheelchair conversion certificate

This will need to be provided if your vehicle has been adapted for wheelchair use.

Hackney carriages are public transport vehicles which are licensed to "ply for hire".

They can:

  • be hailed by prospective passengers in the street
  • park on a rank to await the approach of passengers

Apply for a Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence

Private hire vehicles (or minicabs) are public transport vehicles.

However, a private hire vehicle cannot ply for hire or stand in a rank.

It must be pre booked with a private hire
operator for example through the operator, usually by telephone.

Apply for a Private Hire Vehicle Licence

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