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Future in Mind

The Department of Health and the NHS have written a plan called Future in Mind [external link]. This helps us and our children. It looks at helping to have good mental health with the aid of the right support and care.

We have made a local 5 year plan [pdf document] for Darlington in line with the national ambitions above. We want to improve access to help and support when needed. We want to improve children and young people's mental health services.

In keeping with the Future in Mind, we want to:

  • Encourage good mental health. Be able to adapt. Help emerging mental health problems as soon as possible;

  • Ensure children, young people and families have timely access to evidence based support and treatment when in need;

  • Improve the experience and outcomes for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Ensure the best support at important stages;

  • Work with partners to create multi-agency pathways. Having quality performance standards, which will be reported in a clear way;

  • Train and develop our local workforce. Ensure we have staff with the right mix of knowledge and skills to respond to the needs;

  • Work with multi-agency stakeholders to bring these plans into effect in our area.

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