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Dangerous structures

Where a structure is appraised and deemed dangerous under the Building Act, we will take the relevant action to make it safe. That action may be to fence off the area or remove the danger where appropriate.

We will do this in the shortest possible time.

To report dangerous structures please call:

Buildings can become dangerous for many reasons including:

  • settlement or old age
  • vehicle impact
  • vandalism
  • design defects
  • fire
  • explosion
  • storm damage

Buildings can become dangerous at any time.

Dangerous structures fall into two categories:

Imminently dangerous

Structures which are at risk of imminent collapse and must be secured for public safety.

There is usually a charge to the owner for emergency works carried out.

Hazardous structures which are unstable but are not imminently dangerous

We will give the owner a reasonable amount of time to remove the danger.

Failure to respond may result in a Magistrates Court Order being obtained.

We work with:

  • Police
  • Fire Brigade
  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Environment Agency

All buildings which appear to be dangerous should be reported to us.

We will treat the matter with the utmost urgency.

If a building is imminently dangerous, we can request immediate evacuation.

We can request, or take, any action necessary to protect the public.

Such action may involve:

  • temporary road closures
  • barricading
  • shoring
  • scaffolding
  • repairs
  • demolition

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