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Application forms and fees

Application type guidance

Full plans application

Full plans guidance notes [pdf document]

In addition to providing notice for work to be inspected on site as it is carried out the “Full Plans Application” involves the submission of plans and details prior to commencement of work so the proposals can be checked for Building Regulations compliance before the work begins.

Building notice application

Building notice guidance notes [pdf document]

Building Notices are to provide notice for the work to be inspected on site as it is carried out.

"Building Notices" cannot be submitted for commercial premises. Further information, such as construction details/information, and thermal or structural calculation may also be required.

Further information, such as construction details/information, and thermal or structural calculation may also be required.

Regularisation application

Regularisation guidance notes [pdf document]

These are applications for retrospective approval. It cannot be applied for if the works were carried out before November 1985. Please note that we may ask for works to be opened up for inspection.

Applications that are received after the works have substantially commenced, will be processed as a Regularisation application.

The details of any work that is found not to comply with the Building Regulations will be sent to you in writing and it is then up to you to correct the work and arrange further inspections.

Reversion application

Reversion guidance notes [pdf document]

If your project has started on site and you have since been informed by your appointed Approved Inspector that they are unable to continue to provide the service a reversion application is required to ensure the development remains lawful.

We require the submission of Form 7 (notice of cancellation with the improved inspector) alongside the application form and any supporting/construction details you hold for the works carried out to date and the remaining works.

Work exempt from building regulations

Exempt work guidance notes [pdf document]

Some very minor works are exempt from the requirements to submit a building regulation application, but as a general rule most building work, and certain changes of use, require approval under the Building Regulations.

Demolition notice - The Building Act 1984; Section 80

Any person or company, who proposes to demolish a building or structure, and that building or structure is 64.8 cubic metres in size or above, is required by law (under The Building Act 1984 and Building Regulations Act 2000) to notify the Local Authority using a Section 80 form.

You must complete this process 6 weeks prior to commencement of the proposed demolition.

Buildings of a smaller size do not require local authority permission.

Application forms

Building regulation fees

The scale of the fees and the methods of calculation are set out in the guidance notes on the fees. Note that your application will not be validated until we have received the appropriate fee.

These fees are set by the Local Authority, and are based upon a number of factors including the size, cost and complexity of the project.

If your project is outside the scope of standard fees on our fee sheets please contact our office for a fee quotation with existing and proposed plans and an estimated cost of work.

Please note: Where structural engineering design calculations are submitted by persons that are not qualified structural engineers, additional charges may be apply to allow for our external qualified engineer to check those calculations.

Our email address is: [email protected].

How to pay

You can pay for your application by the following methods:

  • Pay in person at the Town Hall – with cheque, in cash or with a credit card (by appointment only)
  • Pay with a debit or credit cards, (Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Switch and Solo debit cards), Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm and Friday 9am – 4.30pm by calling our office on 01325 406214.
  • Pay online, a link will be emailed to you once the application has been registered and the fee verified.

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