Open Space Strategy

Darlington has a wide range of open spaced like parks, children’s play areas, wildlife areas, allotments, green corridors, cemeteries and churchyards, informal and recreation space and landscape amenity space that help make Darlington an attractive place to live and work, providing a pleasant environment to meet, exercise and play and to learn about wildlife.

The Darlington Open Space Strategy [pdf document] and Action Plan were adopted in April 2007 to guide the Council’s approach to the protection and enhancement of the open space network, particularly spaces that the community use, up to 2017.

The strategy sets out new planning policies for open spaces, which have superseded the open space policies in the Borough of Darlington Local Plan (1997). These policies will be used when the Council considers development proposals and planning applications.

Since 2007 work has been carried out to address the issues in the Open Space Strategy and its Action Plan. The OSS Update Report 2010 [pdf document] has been produced which provides an update on the quantity and quality of, and access to, publicly accessible open spaces.

The Update Report is accompanied by:

Supporting documents include:

All documents are available for inspection at the Customer Service Centre in the Town Hall, Darlington.

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