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Greater Faverdale Burtree Garden Village design code SPD

Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) 

The Greater Faverdale Burtree Garden Village Design Code SPD has now been approved as Council Policy by Cabinet (5 July 2022) and Council (14 July 2022). 

View the agenda report (see 8i and additional documents).


The Greater Faverdale (Burtree Garden Village) Design Code SPD sets out the strategic design requirements that need to be applied in developing a successful scheme for Greater Faverdale (Burtree Garden Village).

The design code is required as part of the recently adopted Darlington Local Plan 2016-2036 and reflects the requirements in government guidance.

It sets out a design process and design principles for developers to follow when preparing their plans for a new Garden Village.

The approach aims to create a distinctive, attractive and successful Garden Community in which to live and work, which is sustainable for the future.

Healthy Living is also an important thread in the statutory approvals process.  Darlington was successful as being selected as being a Healthy New Towns pilot town. 

This proposed Garden Village presents the first large scale opportunity to embed learning from the Healthy New Towns programme into delivering health care and a healthy built environment.

SPD’s add further details to the policies in the Local Plan. 

They can be used to provide further guidance for development on specific sites, or on particular issues such as design.  

They can be a material consideration in planning decisions.

Developers Masterplan for Burtree Garden Village - April 2024

Policy H11 of the Darlington Local Plan requires the preparation of a comprehensive Masterplan and Infrastructure Phasing Plan for the Greater Faverdale (Burtree) site allocation. This Masterplan is required to have regard to the strategic design requirements established in the Greater Faverdale Design Code SPD.  

The Masterplan [pdf document] has been produced by Homes England and Hellens Group and has been accepted by the council as meeting the requirements of Policy H11.

Please note the Masterplan is not a council document and does not form part of the local development plan.


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